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The producers of Freddie Prinze Jr's sort-of semiautobiographical sitcom pilot for ABC, The Freddie Prinze Jr Project, are determined to explode tired stereotypes. From a casting notice:

Grandma: 60s, Latio.[sic] She's [sic] speaks only in Spanish even though she reads and understands English. A real force of nature, she refuses to yield to anything or anyone, including assimilation and her relatives. But she adores Freddie and treats him like her little prince. She's strongly religious and superstitious, still practicing an old-world Catholicism that borders on voodoo. She's outlived three husbands and doesn't feel the need to impress anyone with her appearance, so her housecoat is what she's comfortable in most of the time. Series Regular

Actors should show preparation for their casting session by bringing their own rosary beads and sacrificial chicken, and be fully practiced in the kind of hysterical swooning (with optional agitated Spanglish) that will occur when Prinze brings home a Jewish girl.