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Who says that Tom Cruise's wild devotion to Scientology is creepy? Certainly not us! (We hardly even notice the white van that's been parked across the street from Defamer HQ for six months anymore.) L. Ron's favorite kid is directing his incredible, strings-free generosity towards his War of the Worlds crew:

[Cruise] has set up a Scientology tent with a volunteer minister. “It’s a gift from Tom to the crew,” says Lee Anne De Vette, Cruise’s sister and spokeswoman. “You can receive what’s called an assist there,” a Scientologist practice that, as she describes it, seems to be a glorified mini-massage. “If someone has an injury in a certain part of their body, if their back is killing them, they can come in and get an assist. It’s something that helps the body get in better communication with itself.”

A manual release (or in the parlance of the COS, a "body thetan calibration") is optional, but we highly recommend that crew members not ask too many questions about why their "release" is being spirited away in test tubes. That would smack of ingratitude for Cruise's largesse.