The Sounds of NASCAR

This might reveal our snobbish, New York provincialism, but something about this New York Daily News story struck as odd:

Sirius has snared the rights to red-hot NASCAR from its satellite radio rival XM.

In another aggressive move aimed at ramping up subscribers and advertising, Sirius agreed yesterday to pay $107 million over five years to become NASCAR's exclusive satellite radio partner.
NASCAR on the radio? What's that like? "The red car is going fast, rounding the bend! The blue car is creeping up, followed by the black one! Another bend! And another... The black car wins!"

If you want to patiently explain to us how one listens to NASCAR racing on the radio, we'll be here waiting. We'll probably be doing The Times crossword (in pen, of course) and listening to NPR on our Bose Wave system.

Sirius scores NASCAR pact [NYDN]