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Ladies and Gays, meet Dr. Samuel Gosling, a psychologist at the University of Texas. (I'm guessing Austin — I mean, c'mon, that hair ain't from San Antonio, know what I mean?) Dr. Gosling has been studying animal personalities in an effort to understand human personalities and, in the meantime, has been cultivating a hipster-friendly look. He's just like Demitri Martin, but with more degrees. Isn't he cute?! Know what's even cuter? He works with hyenas! I LOVE hyenas. Don't you love hyenas? I love hyenas.

But Gosling is more than just a cute hyena doctor. He faces serious challenges when it comes to stepping up his research to human application:

"Human mothers will not let you just swap their infants at birth, which would be a great study to do," Dr. Gosling said.

God, how I adore a man who puts his work before all other rational thoughts. I'd have his hyena-babies and swap 'em with whomever he pleased.

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