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As we all know by now, five-year lame duck Tonight Show host Jay Leno is among the all-star roster subpoened to be witnesses in the Michael Jackson child molestation trial. Realizing that the gag order imposed on people involved in the trial might impair Leno's ability to harmlessly jab at the legal circus in his monologue, his lawyers are asking for a clarification about what Leno can and cannot say; it appears that his first-hand knowledge from participating the trial will be off limits. For example:

Typical, safe Leno joke: "Michael Jackson's defense attorney has complained that there are no black jurors assigned to his trial. So far, he's not complained that there are also no black defendants. What's the deal with the guy, anyway? Is he black or white? Come on, people, who's with me?" [Audience roars with "You go, Jay!" approval]

Off-limits, potential firsthand-knowledge material: "Today in the Michael Jackson trial, prosecutors alleged that Jackson liked to play a potentially inappropriate game with young visitors to Neverland Ranch. Like 'How Many Former Child Actors Can Fit in My Shower?' Jackson's defense attorneys fear that the pop star lost some ground when he stood up and yelled 'Ten! But only if we play What Does Ether Smell Like? first.'"