Creature Double Feature: Alterman vs. Wolfowitz

Remember how you quaked in fear when Godzilla met Mothra? Prepare to be about ten times more terrified: Last night, The Nation's Eric Alterman spent some face time with old spit 'do, Paul Wolfowitz. Here's Alterman's report:

Though he was clearly the celebrity guest of the moment at the book party that Tina Brown and Harry ( Sir Harold ) Evans threw for Edward Jay Epstein s terrific new exploration of Hollywood, called "The Big Picture," Paul Wolfowitz was more whispered about than talked to last night. So I felt bad for the guy when I saw him standing by himself and went over to see what cocktail party banter might yield in the way of global understanding.
It's nice to see Tina and Harry bringing people together. She hasn't introduced individuals with such diametrically opposed goals since she broke bread with Miramax and Hearst.

The Alter Man and the Wolf Man actually had a nice conversation, covering everything from the roots of neocon thinking to Iraqi bloggers. Apparently they're gonna go halvsies on a weekend share in the Hamtons this summer. Oh, and the world just exploded. Developing...

Wolfowitz on the record [MSNBC]