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While people with too much time on their hands debate whether or not CNN anchor Anderson Cooper is gay (but God, those eyes!), the commenters at, in response to Michael Musto's recent musings about Cooper, debate the situation's larger meaning:

Sigh. What a hunk. Come on out, Anderson!

Anderson Cooper is HOT!! I watch him just to drool at him. YUM!!

Cooper never claims to be straight —he's not—he's just not out publically, which is a shame because he could do some pretty great things for the gay community.

I love him.... gay or straight. He covers hard news with dignity while still providing a bemused take on lighter stories. He's the freshest, most charming addition to news coverage in years.

Oh Christian Grantham is WAY cuter than Anderson Cooper!

Let Cooper be himself. Leave him the hell alone. Don't try to make him conform to your own individual preferences.

Anderson is so snacky! Yum! I hope he doesn't come out publicly, because then he'd get cancelled and I couldn't swoon over him as often.

Equal parts shallow and serious, we think this might be the most perfect comment section we've ever seen.
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