Iger's Mission: Make Sweet Love To Steve Jobs

Now that Bob Iger is set to inherit the golden Mickey head that is the birthright of all Disney CEOs, he's been charged with a crucial task: begging Steve Jobs and his Pixar money-printing factory to continue their partnership with his company. Of course, Iger's going to play coy for a while:

"I will certainly make an attempt and look forward to some dialogue provided he's willing," Iger, now Disney's president, said in an interview. "I've always valued creative partnerships. This one has been incredibly successful for both companies."

Iger realizes that the reserved approach isn't going to save the relationship that Michael Eisner spent so many man-hours souring. Soon enough, this "I'd love to talk, I value his creativity" come-on will be replaced by Iger showing up at Jobs' house in a lacy robe and carrying a half-finished handle of cheap whiskey, offering to shoot some "deleted scenes" for The Incredibles Special Edition DVD.