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The internet once again yields one of its ephemeral, ripped-from-the-headlines entertainments, as the I'm Stuck in Rehab With Pat O'Brien blog is born.

Monday, March 21, 2005
A new resident arrived today. He showed up during group time when "Tony" was talking about the poodle he had when he was a boy. Again. [..]

"Hey, folks! I'm Pat O'Brien."

"Hi, Pat O'Brien," a few of us answered back.

"We encourage residents to avoid using last names," Sheryl Anne told him.

"Hey, folks!" Pat O'Brien said. "Coming up next: Find out what famous entertainment show host has checked himself out of the limelight and into rehab."

"Well, I wonder who it could be?" "Debbie" asked.

"I think it's him," "Tony" said, pointing to Pat O'Brien.

Later: O'Brien collapses when he discovers that Wake Forest has been eliminated from the NCAA Tournament.