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In this edition: Karl Lagerfeld, Sharon Osbourne, Steve Martin, Robbie Williams, Christian Slater, Woody Allen and Soon Yi, Anna Wintour and Derek Blasberg (in the same room!), Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, Tara Subkoff, Jeff Koons, Gloria Steinem, Terry Richardson, Thom Yorke, Hope Davis, Jon Stewart, Daria Werbowy, Katie Holmes, Albert Hammond Jr., Parker Posey, Gavin DeGraw, Charlie Rose, Kate Hudson, Olsens, Rocco DiSpirito, Matthew Barney and Bjork, Denis Leary, Liev Schreiber, Isaac Mizrahi, Bethany Joy Lenz, Matt Pinfield, Josh Homme and Brody Dalle, B.D. Wong, Jay McCarroll, and Andy Blitz.

Saw Karl Lagerfeld at a SoHo photoshoot. Wearing his trademark black sunglasses, white shirt and knee high black boots. Looked as condescending and pretentious as he does in magazines. Shocker.

I had a bunch of random sightings this week. Thursday I almost ran into Karl Lagerfeld during his photoshoot in front of Chanel in midtown. That night, I saw Bethany Joy Lenz from One Tree Hill (the one that sings) at Josie's in the UWS. And last night I saw Matt Pinfield (does he still work at MTV??!?!?) at the Kaiser Chiefs' concert at Bowery Ballroom. He was looking kinda old and bloated.

3/24/05 7pm - saw sharon osbourne leaving the sony store on madison with a large sony bag in hand. she was alone which surprised me and wearing a L.A.M.B sweater (gwen stefani's label). she is incredibly midget like.

Saw steve martin on west 11th street last night around 7 getting out of his black Mercedes with a very, very young looking skinny girl. His daughter or girlfriend? She looked vaguely familiar and was wearing a fabulous dress. He looks the same in person, but has the demanor of someone who has been famous for so long that they are hyperware of
their fame.

Saturday afternoon at Mercer Kitchen. Me and my drop dead gorgeous Mexican friend chat over a cappuccino, one of the few good in NYC a guy enters the place from the lobby of the hotel. Dark shades, black coat wool cap a tattoo running up his neck to the ear. I thought he was smaller, but Robbie Williams is really handsome and cool. He seemed scared about the crowd waiting outside the hotel, he probably felt uncomfortable. But he was going back and forth in the bar hey Rob, you could at least have stopped to invite us for dinner, the Italian and the Mexican would have shown u something beautiful .

saw Christian Slater outside the Barrymore Theatre after Glass Menagerie 3/26...he was surprisingly built but with a massive forehead, with wife and kids, supposedly divorcing, she looked pretty harassed and annoyed and he seemed to be working hard to keep her happy, nice looking kids though. All in all he seemed like a nice guy.

Was in Central Park on a glorious spring-like day earlier this week, when I spotted a hunched over old man walking with a very young woman. I thought at first it was just another geezer out for some air with his nurse. (You see a lot of that in the park) But on closer examination it turned out to be Woody Allen and Soon Yi, just strolling along amongst the crowd, virtually unnoticed. Of course, he's been out of the limelight for so long it's possible that nobody really did recognize him. Even so, they make a stunningly odd couple, since she dresses like a teenager and his wardrobe looks like a throwback to the 1940s. Still, she was clutching his arm as they walked. Either a true sign of affection or she was steadying his dottering gait (I couldn't tell).

my friend invited me to some art gallery opening last night and in the hopes of meeting mr. (hetero—PLEASE!) right, i went. don't ask me how I know who he is, but the vogue staffer Derek Blasberg was there giggling with a tranny until the she-devil herself, Anna Wintour, walked in with her strangely plastic-looking husband. hoping to witness some fashion shade, I was disappointed when she just smiled pleasantly at him (I didn't know she could do that) before he made sure to avoid her for the rest of the seven minutes she was there. she looked stupid: despite the snow, this fashion authority was wearing ill-fitted jeans and—SHOCKER—open toed heels. She did however match her fur coat perfectly with her highlighted bob. other stalkings at this venue: Marc Jacobs with Anna Sui (does she go everywhere with him?), tara subkoff and jeff koons. kudos to Rachel Feinstein, who I learned was the artist, on a great opening (even if there were no hetero's).

Before waiting an hour for a table which I was told would be ready in five minutes, I saw Gloria Steinem. She was with 4 friends who were packed like sardines onto a two-top. I had the pleasure of watching her go from soup to nuts before enjoying my own less-than-stellar trout.

My friends and I were standing outside of Balthazar, Saturday afternoon around 4:00 when we noticed Terry Richardson chilling on one of the benches with a lady friend. He was wearing his signature glasses, blue work pants, and a grey jacket. Very nondescript. He mentioned something about "we could go upstate". He got up and left with girlie and walked east towards Bowery. He's pretty tall.

I saw THOM YORKE! at the No Fun Fest in "up-and-coming Red Hook" this past weekend, checking out Hototogisu, the Double Leopards/Sunroof! Side project thing. He seemed to really like it. It was definitely him cause I used to be his #1 fan plus I saw that evil eye! Yes!

Sensed a celebrity sighting Easter Sunday at Chelsea Market and I was right! Hope Davis was behind me on line at Sarabeth's around 12:30 PM. I think she bought the same elephant cookies I had purchased for my daughter just moments before. Hope was definitely in a bad mood and not the cute bad mood she has in her movies. She was slightly older, taller and thinner than I would have thought and her trademark circles under her eyes not as pronounced. Hope, if it cheers you up you looked great in those boots.

Jon Stewart (white baseball cap and looking nervously at the crowds), baby and his wife (I didn't see her, only her back) at Whole Foods Union Square on the 26th in the late afternoon. I wanted to get a better look at Stewart's wife, who was recently arrested for driving without a license, but ended up not achieving this goal.

saw the outrageously tall and not-alarmingly-beautiful-yet-very-striking daria werbowy strolling down broadway yesterday. it was very messy and gorgeous—ripped jeans, mui mui moccasin slippers, leather jacket, layers of necklaces, and perfectly unmaintained tossled locks. she was with her whole family, several generations i'd say, and as i followed her uptown, she ran into jack mccullough from proenza schouler and introduced the whole family. he has nice eyes. no lazaro in sight. Damn daria was pretty. yeah, pretty is the word. really pretty.

Spotted Katie Holmes hiding behind a big ol' pair of glasses on Grove Street.

I met a Stroke around st Marks yesterday; Albert Hammond Jr. He looked very happy and was walking hand in hand with a blonde girl, for me unknown. My friend, who's the biggest Strokes-fan ever, stopped them and asked if she could take a photo. But he said no and continue to walk, I guess her q made him a bit pissed. But she took a photo anyway, so now she has his and the girl's backs documented. She's a future paparazzi!

Was dining at Dok Suni on Friday evening when in strolled Parker Posey to join a female friend for dinner. Red wine and Korean salad were consumed. I don't really dig her frightwig look as her hair looks like it weighs more than she does.

Saw the voice of the One Tree Hill themesong, Gavin DeGraw purchasing a bunch of Ray Charles and James Brown CD's at Virgin Megastore. My friend said something to im and we wound up talking to the guy about music for close to an hour. Despite coming off a bit elegantly wasted, he was incredibly friendly and seemed to really enjoy talking about obscure soul artists and the like. His comment about wanting to kick Suge Knight's ass was curious though. Also, he was with an incredibly attractive blonde from Louisiana named Jolene. Jolene, if you're reading this, hope the wisdom teeth operation goes well!

At Pastis on Sunday at 2:30 PM, sat at table next to Charlie Rose and a much younger Asian woman. Couldn't tell if she was girlfriend, wife, friend or collegue - she seemed to be very flirty and touchy, but they had some notebooks and papers that seemed to be work-related.

It was all happenning at The Black Crowes show on Friday night...a tiny Kate Hudson wearing a hippie schmatta over jeans and a floppy hat. She was drinking beer and rockin out. Chris even waved to her from the stage and she waved back...too cute. Then there was an even tinier Ashley Olsen and an itsy-bitsy MK. Mary Kate is skin and bones. The two of them were sitting up on a balcony with a bunch of friends who looked like they all tried very hard to wear their most rock-n-roll clothes (read: fringe). The friends sat most of the time and didn't seem to be enjoying themselves. Ashley danced, but didn't know the words, whick MK did. MK was seemingly WASTED. I never saw her drink, or anything, but she was doing the hair-swingin, hands-in-the-air hippie dance like she was at a Dead show on acid. She left during the show once, holding hands with her bodyguard on one side, and a woman that was with them (her eating coach?) on the other. She came back, and didn't stand up again. They all left holding hands during the encore. I wish they hadn't been there, cuz I could barely pay attention to the show...I was entranced by MK's antics!

Saw Mary Kate Olsen at the Knicks game last night with some guy who must have been very short too since he wasnt much taller than her... he was balding with a crew cut but didnt look that old. MK was wearing ripped black tights with cowboy boots, and when she got to leave, it looked like all of her clothes were actually going to fall off. She is TINY.

ok - yes, finally i can die happy - toady I finally had my Olsen sighting... MK coming out of Industria on Washington, looking actually very happy, camera slung around her not-as-tiny-as-I-had-imagined body, brown cowboy boots - and shawl-y things on scrubbed clean complexion - with the ubiquitous bodyguard and big black SUV...

spotted a very hot (or should I say yummy) looking Rocco DiSpirito in the West Village yesterday - looking very tan and I must say like he's been spending a lot of time at the gym...

Sunday night, Matthew Barney & Bjork got their DEATH METAL on at B.B. Kings for the Cryptopsy show. She was wearing clothes that didn t make any sense and doing dances, (I think she is batshit crazy) it was very cute. He just hung out with his ART FAG buddies that looked kind of uncomfortable. Cryptopsy were awesome.

Spotted none other than the fabulous Parker "Air raid" Posey coming out of an East Village apartment with roller blades on, a mess of hair, and a huge grin.

Saw Denis Leary today on Avenue A between 9th and 10th. He was filming something. I tried not to stare, but couldn't help it; he looked gorgeous, taller than I thought, in tight pants and big black sunglasses, and was talking on his cellphone. He's got very high, sculpted cheekbones. He can "Rescue Me" anytime. Oh, and the biggest surprise of all—he wasn't smoking.

I saw Liev Schreiber and a tiny redhead outside Jane Restaurant in the West Village last night. He has a goofy mustache and was wearing khaki pants, rumpled white shirt and black coat. He was smoking a cigarette. She was in yoga pants and carrying a yoga bag. They had a little dog with them. Don't know who she is.

Saw Isaac Mizrahi last night @ Masa. He was sitting at the bar with a very dignified-looking, older, grey-hair chick. He looked awesome (or I might just have thought that because I love anyone in orange, and he was wearing a bright orange jacket), and by all appearances was very classy and polite.

My friends and I were hanging at Niagra last night when Josh Homme, Brody Dalle and quite an entourage showed up for a "secret after party" (according to a drunk girl who claimed to be "Bro-dog's GIRRRRL!") in the downstairs Tikki lounge. Josh politely talked to many ogling fans before going downstairs, while Brody went to pee (or do something else??!) several times in the bathroom. Just as we were leaving, Nick 'making his appearance' Zinner showed up to round out the cool people's club.

I saw B.D. Wong on Seventh Ave. this morning holding hands with a toddler. If I recall, he and his partner adopted a child, named him Foo, then B.D. wrote a book about two men raising a baby, then B.D. left his partner and took Foo with him. So I assume the toddler was Foo, but there was another man holding Foo's other hand. Perhaps Foo's new second daddy?

I was leaving the gym on Tuesday night 3/22, and I saw Jay McCarroll from "Project Runway" at Union Square. I knew it was him from the headwrap, sunglasses and laugh. He was standing in front of the Diesel store with a man and a woman.

I was walking around Union Square on Saturday afternoon and saw Andy Blitz (from Conan O'Brien) by the big ugly digital clock. He was wearing red flannel and looked bald and scruffy, just like on Late Night. I would've said hi but i had no idea what his name was till i got home.