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If you're like us, you're pushing 30, the largest readership you'll ever have is when you append messages to eVite RSVPs, you live in an apartment with the dimensions and charm of a bomb shelter, and the only way you'll ever get some attention from an agent is if you try to smuggle hash over the border.

But if you're like Jonathan Safran Foer, you're 28, you have two bestsellers under your belt, you've just bought a house for $6.7 MILLION, and your agent does all your talking for you.

As The New York Times 'Real Estate' section reported this weekend, young Mr. Foer and his wife, novelist Nicole Krauss, just flipped their $1.86 million Park Slope brownstone (which featured prominently in Deborah Solomon's gushy Times Magazine profile) for $3.25 million and have closed on a new place listed for $6.75 million. According to Foer's agent and spokeswoman Nicole Aragi, it has a great yard for the authors' dog, George. Yay!

But, does it have a room for crying over devastating book reviews?

The Co-op Above, The Earth Below [NYT]