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In this edition: Lindsay Lohan and mother Dina, Cameron Diaz, Beyonce (to see Kristen Chenoweth?), Sean Penn, Denzel Washington, Giuliani and Schumer, Pam Anderson, Dave Chappelle, Spike Lee, Ivanka Trump, Olsens, Simon Le Bon, Damon Dash, Nas, Kal Penn, Dr. Ruth, Anne Hathaway, Cynthia Nixon, Katie Holmes, Royston Langston, David Hasselhoff, Grant Hill, Kevin Kline, Willem Dafoe, Bjork and Matthew Barney, Tony Kushner, David Cross, James Lipton, Steve Buscemi, Marc Jacobs, Pedro Almodovar, Alex Rodriguez, Donald Sutherland, Jacquetta Wheeler, Flavor Flav, Kevin Bacon, Anne from Top Model, Frederick Weller, Janeane Garofalo, and John Stamos.

Saw Lindsay Lohan at next door nobu last friday looking beautiful but skanky in black tights, brown suede knee-high boots, a jordache t-shirt and fake eyelashes resembling feathers. she looked like a cross between madonna circa 1980 and bohomeless MK. She was drinking martinis and took frequent bathroom and smoking breaks.

Saw Mommy [Dina] Lohan & friend stumble down the front stairs of the Penn hotel in midtown. And when I say stumble, I mean they nearly hit the car parked out front... as if dressing like white trash wasn't enough? Right behind them came Starlet Hohan looking as drunk as her mom, but suprisingly better dressed.

i saw lindsay lohan last night (4/4) filming a scene in grand central. they had the entire center section blocked off and there were a bunch of army/national guard types advising us commuters to "keep on moving"— i guess lohan has already run through all the PAs in ny. girl has RED hair much darker than i expected. but other than the really pretty hair, i wasn't all that impressed.

Opening today at Yankee Stadium, 4/3, saw Cameron Diaz. Not really that tall in person but still totally hot. She was wearing an orange hoodie, brown shawl, jeans, and Ugg boots (can't believe those are still in ?!?) Weird sight to see her at a baseball game but I gawked nonetheless.

Last night (4/5) at the Lincoln Center Tower Records, I met the sweet, friendly Kristin Chenoweth, with enough glitter on her face to deflect solar power, where she was signing copies of her new CD. Then I wandered downstairs to the DVD section. Several Tower employees were unabashedly gawking at some gal. "Yes it's her. It IS her! Look at her shoes!" I had to find out who she was. I slowly approached with uber-nanchalance to find myself face to face with one Beyonce Knowles. I said, "Hi Beyonce. How are you?" She responded kindly with a big smile when an extra large bodyguard leaned in with that "have-gun-will-use" look. So I drifted back into the woodwork. It was a thrill. But I have to give you: she s not so bootylicious. The ass is tiny! Her thighs even looked small. Why is it that tv adds more than 10 to this hottie? Oh, and the shoes — crystal-encrusted stilettos that would have made even Sex & the City s Carrie Bradshaw drool.

I was hanging around outside Starbucks on 7th and Christopher and found my eyes drawn to a white limo with the door open, with a couple of people hanging around outside it. My eye caught some pissed off looking guy squinting in the sun, wearing purple hued shades and a rumpled looking suit. Only after a few minutes did I realize I was ten feet away from Sean Penn - unfortunately, my crush was crushed. Not only did he look messy and pissed, but his chin was extra pointy in person, and he looked a little bloated.

Saturday night I was walking down W. 44th Street at around 10:30pm and I saw Denzel Washington standing outside the Belasco Theater signing autographs for a few fans. Sunday morning I was in St. Patrick's at noon and saw Rudy Giuliani (with Judy) and Sen. Chuck Schumer sneaking out the side door in the middle of the mass. No one else seemed to notice them.

I saw Pam Anderson, Dave Chappelle and Spike Lee at the Knicks game Fri night ( did eveyone else watching the game but I was still stoked). Dave got up and signed a few autographs at halftime...weirdly enough all the fan clamouring for his sig were young teenage boys. I also saw Ben Stiller in the lobby of the the Public theatre Sunday night (I was there to see The Last Days of Judas Isacriot which was fantastic). Guess he had just finished performing that night in the new Neil LaBute show there. Short but kinda cute in that my-nose-alone-is-bigger-than-your-head way. He and a brunette (don't think it was his wife) went across the street into Indochine.

Yesterday, I was riding the #5 train uptown after work. I noticed a girl reading a book who I thought was as beautiful as anyone I've ever seen in my life. She was in a bad black and white striped sweater and stilettos that had definitely seen better days. But her skin was perfection, her hair was a perfectly streaked blond and her figure was amazing. She looked up and I realized it was Ivanka Trump. What she's doing on the subway, I don't know. But she is absolutely gorgeous (and I'm a gay man).

Just saw MK Olsen at the corner of Broadway and Spring in Soho. She was with an older guy, and at first I thought it was a father/daughter pair, until she turned her enormous bobble-head in my direction. Usual MK attire: huge t-shit with flowy tank over it, regular pants, converse-type sneakers. They checked out the menu at Caf Bari and then headed up north Broadway. Why is this the most exciting celeb siting I have had? She is truly bizarre.

last night (4/5), 9 pm, at the cold stone creamery on astor place: I had just finished kvetching to my friend that my frequent trips to the nyu area were never rewarded with the celeb sighting i covet the most: an olsen. a group entered the shop as we left, and my friend did a double-take. "there's your olsen," she muttered. "ask and ye shall receive," i thought as i scurried back to the window to take a look. delightfully nondescript in big black hoodie, baggy jeans, and handbag was ashley olsen. she was just with a couple friends, no bodyguards, shiny suv's, or wispy boho chic clothes in sight. my reaction: a couple fist pumps, and a long "yesssssssssssssssssss."

saw Simon Le Bon enter restaraunt i was in (Fidelias) around 230am. He was wearing a white sleeveless t shirt with indiscernable artwork and not baggy jeans, looked not that old or puffy as pictures , trimmer, actually.. accompanied by 2 blonde women mid30ish and a beefy 30ish dude with almost shaved head wearing one of those skintight black muscular dude shirts. Hostess began seating them near front entrance and he looked concerned , and asked to be seated towards the back where he sat in a booth facing away from the entrance..

today i saw damon dash somewhere in soho (w bway maybe?) being really loud and laughing hysterically at something before climbing into one of 2 black bmws and peeling out with his entourage. he looks the same as he does on tv, only inevitably shorter. needless to say, i was less than enthralled.

on saturday afternoon i saw rapper nas pushing a shopping cart around whole foods on 24th st. so weird. he was wearing a yankee hat, a black jacket, gray sweats, and silver sneakers that were crazy hot, but i couldnt figure out what the fuck kind they were.

on the afternoon of sunday the 3rd, i saw kal penn (from the new superman sequel, the lead role in the movie adaptation of jhumpa lahiri's bestselling book "the namesake" and the role of kumar in "harold and kumar go to white castle") at whole foods in Columbus circle. he was wearing a knit wool cap, a black fleece patagonia jacket and a vest over the fleece. was it really that cold? he noticed me squinting at him, so i asked him, "what's your name?" he replied, "kal." i then asked him, "were you in a movie?" he said, "yes." then, i asked him if the movie had been "harold and kumar go to white castle." he replied in the affirmative and asked me if i had seen it. i replied honestly that i had not. He seemed to be annoyed and bewildered at the same time by my answer. i guess his annoyance was compunded by the fact that i am asian and the movie i asked about was supposed to be the movie that proved asians could produce a mainstream hit. well, it bombed at the box office. at least he has now gotten those two nice roles that i just mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph.

My mom was in town from California and Sunday we ran into the friendly, wonderful, and absolutely adorable Dr. Ruth at the "Power of Conversation/Jewish Women and their Salons" exhibit at the Jewish Museum. From Proust and Wilde to Alice B. Toklas, a must see!

Spotted Anne Hathaway, looking young and lovely, at downtown cipriani Friday night. My male friend actually followed her into the bathroom area to see if he could glimpse her close up. Pathetic.

I took the red-eye in from seattle this morning. The first person I saw as I exited the gate was Our Favorite Lesbian, Cynthia Nixon. She was lugging her bags back up the stairs from the baggage claim and had horrible chunky highlights and pointy beige shoes. Poor thing.

Walking across Christopher Street this morning was DAWSON'S CREEK star (sorry, that's how you will always be identified; you dug your grave, now lie in it) Katie Holmes. Very cute in person, even in drab athletic wear, very tall and thin. But does she ever smile except on the cover of secretary-friendly magazines? Maybe it was just a tough workout.

Saw Royston Langdon aka Mr. Liv Tyler sans Liv and baby walking an adorable King Charles Spaniel on Jane Street in the West Village. Royston looked much shorten than in person, but the dog was just as cute as it had looked in the many paparazzi pics I've seen of it.

At Marquee on Saturday night, Grant Hill and David Haselhoff were two tables away from each other. Hasselhoff looked pretty good for an old guy in a tight black t-shirt and glasses. Grant Hill is definitely a hottie.

I saw Kevin Kline walking near my office on Madison and 47th at the end of last week. He's taller than I thought he would be and very gray...he appeared to be walking with his teenage son. Too bad Phoebe Cates wasn't with she still alive? I haven't seen her since that bad movie "Drop Dead Fred."

Sunday afternoon, around 5 p.m., walking south down Seventh Avenue on the corner of 11th or 10th Street, Willem Dafoe, with two women, one very youngish, all in basic black, trying to hail a southbound cab with no success. It s heartening somehow to see that even the Son of God can t get a cab at 5 p.m. O Taxi & Limousine Commission, why hast thou forsaken me?

Sat. saw Bjork and a bearded Matthew Barney at Union Square Virgin. They seemed to wrapped together in some sort of grey denim tarp. Also, Sun. following Matthew Bourne's "play without words" at BAM saw a Tony Kushner and David Cross. They were not together but David Cross wore odd black and yellow shoes.

Saw James Lipton of The Actor's Studio fame getting out of a cab at the corner of 23rd and Park Avenue South last Wednesday night (3/30/05). Two friends and I had just gotten into another cab, and one of my friends, who is from out of town, starting pointing and shouting "Oh my God! It's that guy from the show with the actors!" It took me a minute to figure out who she was pointing at, as Mr. Lipton is much shorter in real life than I expected. (Of course, given that he is always sitting on TV, I don't know why I pictured him as a tall man; I guess he just has a long torso.) Anyway, as our cab drove by him, I got a good look. Suddenly, he was staring back at me with a sort of "I'll get you my pretty!" mind-meld stare. Very creepy.

Saw Steve Buscemi at Ozzie's on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope. He was sitting, wearing a baseball cap with his longish hair poking out the back, at a small table in the front window with two women. His plate of food sat yet untouched. He seemed mostly unnoticed amid the strollers and laptops.

This afternoon at Marc Jacobs in SoHo, I was walking back from the men's rack to meet a friend trying on shirts in the dressing room. Accompanied by two tall, slim, beautifully scruffy assistants (maybe actors I just know it was not Gael Garcia Bernal sadly) was an instantly familiar bushy-haired Pedro Almodovar. So take that Parker and Ethan and Mary Kate and Ashley and you reality show people that is so much cooler.

Just saw Marc Jacobs (or someone who really looked like him) at a MOMA film screening of TJ Wilcox's gay-tinged experimental films. First, I was in MOMA's bar room and my companion just sort makes a look that tells me to turn around to look at some hipsters you know over the top hipsters, like Williamsburg hipsters. Lo and behold, it's Marc, and no one mobbing him (he was five feet behind me.) I still wasn't sure it was him, but but after the screening saw this person again, and walked right by him and his clunky-Nike looking hightops and very distintive square ice-cube ish glasses. I was like, this has to be him. Again, no one's mobbing him. I guess he blends right in with the arty hipsters who all seemed to look like younger clone versions of him.

I was out to lunch today 4/4 and Im standing in line at Ray Bari pizza on 56th and 3rd ave, ordering my pizza. I turn around and bump into someone, I look up and see this tall hansdsome man and who is it?? Alex Rodriguez from the Yankees!! Fresh off of winning 9-2 to the Red Sox =0) last night. He apologized for bumping into me. His wife was standing there looking at me and my friend like "you better not be looking at my husband"!!! She is really tiny and average looking. He is so handsome in person and has
beautiful eyes and the most beautiful complexion.

Donald Sutherland, corner of broadway and 56th. tuesday - lunchtime. sporting celeb/nyer wear of black pants and black coat with faux? Fur collar. shockingly white chin length hair. waiting to cross the street with a shorter non-descript brunette.

two upper east side sightings: yesterday afternoon i saw jacquetta wheeler on park ave @ 60th walking intently, looking much taller, thinner & skankier than the usual super model. today i just passed spike lee on lexington @ 63rd, in the omni-present horn rim glasses & baseball hat, funny that he left brooklyn for the UES...

Just saw Flavor Flav in the Times Square Red Lobster. Was there for a let's-bond-in-this-kitschy-ironic-hole work lunch and our intern pointed him out as "that guy from the Surreal Life". When we started reminsicing about how much we used to love Public Enemy she said "He used to be a singer?" Judging from the service at RL he's probably still there.

Monday 4-4-05 at about 2:50 p.m. Saw Kevin Bacon walking on 72nd Street between Amsterdam and Columbus carrying a grocery bag in each hand. Even with his sunglasses, he was instantly recognizable... definitely older than his Footloose days, but just as wirey.

Wednesday 3-30 in front of Pearl River Mart I saw Anne from last season's America's Next Top Model. Wouldn't have given her a second look if her face didn't look blankly familiar.

4/5, Frederick Weller (Shape of Things- play & movie; Take Me Out, in which he was naked as the day is long; a lot of Law & Order's) getting on his bike (no helmet, just baseball cap...backwards), and sped off down Wash. Sq. North- tall and ho, in a Dartmouth/but artsy kinda way- why is he not more famous? (actually, that only makes him sexier).

Saw Janeane Garofalo at Virgin in Union Square, carrying two bags from Whole Foods and buying a handful of CDs. The most notable thing about the experience was that I was able to avoid screaming quotes from Reality Bites, which was my favorite movie in ninth grade and now resembles my life a bit too closely.

I saw John Stamos last night at a performance of "Privilege" at Second Stage Theatre. Bob Saget is in the play (and is actually really good!) so maybe he was there supporting him... Stamos was really attractive, and with a very big man who looked like his body guard. I kept looking for Olsen twins, wondering if it was a Full House reunion, but didn't see any!