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In this edition: Debbie Harry, Leo and Giselle, Anderson Cooper, the family Clinton, Topher Grace, Johnny Knoxville, Katie Holmes, Meryl Streep, Farnsworth Bentley, Lindsay Lohan, the Donnas, David Byrne, Mario Batali, Royston Langdon, Daniel Libeskind, Juliana Margulies, Liev Schreiber, Fran Drescher, Jason Bateman, Johnny Knoxville, Larry King, Dave Chapelle, Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky, Xzibit, Dennis Hopper, Andre 3000, Marcia Cross, Jesse Palmer, Lizzie Grubman, Bill O'Reilly, Robert Verdi, Malcolm Gladwell, Philip Bloch, Chris Carmack, Denis Leary, Chris Sarandon, Look Book victim Demetrise Washington, and Moby tells a small child not to call Teany "shitty."

Saw Debbie Harry at the Maroon 5 concert on Friday, April 8^th at Radio City. No one seemed to know who she was. Probably because the average median age was about 12. Great show nonetheless.

On Saturday 4/9 I was walking by the Meier buildings in the West Village with a friend when we walked right by Leo and Giselle. They were on bikes looking up at the buildings. She was wearing a black track suit and a red hat, very skinny with beautiful long hair. He was wearing sweats and a t-shirt with a hat and sunglasses. No one seemed to notice them. After a few minutes they rode away, heading downtown.

4/11 - 8:30a - 38th & 6th — Crossed the street opposite Anderson Cooper, who was demonstrating the "Commuter Breakfast" with a cheek full of balance bar and a can of seltzer (?). Settle down now, Coop, I'm sure there's room for you to enjoy a leisurely meal at the office. I saw Ty Pennington at the Bistro on Spring and Green yesterday for lunch. He was with a cute blonde and was very pleasant to everyone that passed buy and talked to him. He looks exactly like you expect him too; skinny and tan, but cut up. He's a good looking dude.

Ate dinner at Babbo last night (4.10), and as my husband and I were paying the check, in walks Slick Willy himself, complete with Hil and Chelsea in tow. (Chelsea had a guy with her too). Bill looked surprisingly well for having just had surgery, and Hil and Chelsea looked much better than they have in the past. Chelsea must have been a friend of someone who worked in the kitchen — he came over to their table, kissed her hello, and she introduced him to her parents.

saw Topher Grace last Saturday on Houston Street. He was walking w/another guy, that i did not recognize. He was taller than i thought (close to 6') and pretty thin—had on jeans and a tshirt, seemed very normal and laidback, looked like he was just walking around and shopping some. he was very cute!

saw Johnny Knoxville last Sunday walking down Thompson Street w/another guy. He had on a budweiser shirt and some ratty pants and converse...just like he looks on tv.

Meryl Streep!!! This is by far my favorite sighting, my mom is so jealous! She looked gorgeous, no wrinkles and much slimmer than on TV walking north on 6th crossing over 14th with her teenage kid they were holding pinkies, too cute!

Strolling through my neighborhood yesterday (4/11), we decided to check out the crowd over at Magnolia Bakery. We spotted Katie Holmes waiting in line wearing a bright red top, big sunglasses and some capri-looking pants that made her ass flatter than an envelople. She looked happy to waiting around and was accompanied by some tall pretty boy and what looked to be a couple of Christopher St. locals. Taller than I expected and very girl-next-door hot.

Yesterday (4/10) I spotted Farnsworth Bentley walking in Soho. He was much slimmer than I expected and was sporting a purple Clarendon t-shirt.

i was at maria sharapova's (leggy russian tennis player who won wimbledon last year) 18th birthday party at hiro on saturday (4/9) night. lindsay lohan stopped by and looked cracked out as expected. the donnas chatted to some tall, generic looking guys for a while near me. ethan zohn (curly haired survivor winner) and his quasi-hot survivor winner girlfriend (jenna something?) were there also I laughed when they had a hard time getting into the vip section. Rosie perez and alan cumming were apparently there, though i didn't see them. maroon 5 played an incredibly lame set during which i was hit in the head with a guitar pick (he apologized) and made fun of the band right behind two of their girlfriends— which i discovered when i saw them in the green room after the show. ooops.

I saw David Byrne (ex-Talking Heads) at the Takashi Murakami lecture on Friday night at the Japan Society. He was nicely-dressed and low-key; a friend pointed him out to me, as he was looking at the 'Akira' video installation in the lobby.

Mario Batali at Otto early on Saturday 4/10, strolling around in a golf shirt and rolling his eyes at my delighted mum.

I had quite a stalker weekend Friday on the corner of W. 11th & Waverly, Spacehog & Liv Tyler man Royston Langdon, smoking a cig and walking their really cute dog...then, 10 minutes later, Mario Batali pulling up to the Spotted Pig on his green Vespa in his typical ponytail, shorts and orange clogs.

Sunday on Hudson and W. 10th St, Daniel Libeskind...he's really short.

At a glorious, midday Pastis brunch yesterday (4/10), a pal and I noticed a dour-faced Juliana Margulies dining with four gay men. She was subtle in a houndstooth hat and pony tail; no makeup, but pretty. She may be preparing for her upcoming role in the telefilm "Where Is the Mango Princess?"

Leaving Pincholine (64th btwn CPW and Columbus/B'way) last night around 11 p.m. Saying good byes on the sidewalk outside when a couple strolls slowly by- and I mean super slow— like "recognize me" slow. I look at the guy and it's Liev Schreiber of Day Trippers fame- which a tiny pencil moustache. Classy. The woman kept looking directly at us they passed slowly by and I stared directly back at her—nothing. Then as they ambled by the next couple down the street the woman let out a yelp— I said "I know that was Liev Schreiber" and she said "Who? That was Fran Drescher from the Nanny." WTF Drescher and Schreiber please explain.

Sunday theatre matinee: spotted Jason Bateman, and, I presume, his cute wife (daughter of Paul Anka, who knew?) a row behind us at Glengarry Glen Ross, which stars, among others, Jason s co-star Jeffrey Tambor. Jason has a nice laugh, and laughed particularly hard at a couple of pieces of Tambor s funny business.

Johnny Knoxville was brownbagging a beer in SoHo. He was with a buddy and stopped on a sunny stoop to enjoy his beverage.

At The Metropolitan in the Borgata in Atlantic City, sat next to Larry King. Looking VERY old, but talking to the couple dining with him, he had all the same mannerisms as if he were conducting an interview over the breakfast table.

Went for a walk next to Union Square on Sunday, looked to the left and saw that I was walking next to Dave Chappelle with his wife pushing a baby carriage.

friday night april 8 at cain lounge we saw fran drescher, howard stern and beth ostrosky, all the queer eye for the straight guys, and alan cumming.

April 9 — Leaving our hotel the W in Union Square we first saw a really huge guy, the kind of guy who just has to be a bodyguard, because what other work can you do once your NFL career doesn t pan out? I mean this guy was huge: maybe 6 9 , 400 pounds. Needless to say, we were curious to see whose body he was guarding and at first I couldn t tell there was a celebrity there, because he s so lowkey and normal looking, but it was Xzibit, of Pimp My Ride fame (and I guess he s made a few records but I don t think he s really had a hit lately). Because I love PMR, I went over and shook his hand, and he couldn t have been sweeter. When I told him my daughter loves his show and now yearns for a fancy car when she s old enough to drive (in like five years!), he smiled and said, bribe her, make her get good grades before she gets a nice ride. I told him that was good advice! He was medium sized and not dressed in any obviously pimped out way pale blue tracksuit and he didn t have that star vibe at all, but all in all just seemed like a nice, friendly person.

Dennis Hopper and a similar aged man was at the Brooklyn Museum on Saturday at the Basquiat show. He had on silver eyeglasses and a very plain brown (or blue) blazer. No one seemed to recognize him, not even the teeming throngs of elderly museum-goers taking advantage of the free tour.

Andre 3000 was walking down a street in SoHo, freestyling, with an entourage of four or five guys.

I may have been hallucinating Saturday night but i could have sworn I saw Marcia Cross (the red headed priss on Desperate Housewives) at the Wooster Group's performance of "Houselights" at St. Ann's Warehouse. Again I might be wrong but it sure as hell looked like her. Perhaps it was just a shock seeing her there.

Jesse Palmer (the bachelor) in SoHo with a well put together woman who seemed to be his girlfriend.

Lizzie Grubman & 2 PoweR Girls in the upstairs room at Marquee. I asked and Lizzie said they were there for fun, not work. Apparently, they go out together a lot. None of them seemed to be having a good time.

Saw Bill O'Reilly walking up Broadway at 50th around 7:30 on 4/7. Noticed him cause he was about a head taller than anyone else on the street. I successfully fought the urge to deliver a swift kick to his shins. He looked pretty haggard. He wasn't holding a loofah.

Saturday night, 4/9, around 9:45 pm, my roommate and friend visiting from South Carolina hopped on the 2/3 towards Manhattan at Clark Street in Brooklyn Heights. We sit down, and who is directly in front of us, but permanent C-list celeb/style guru, Robert Verdi, with the requisite sunglasseses-on-his-bald-head-at-night thing going on...Of course we were like, what the fuck is he doing on the subway in Brooklyn, but who knows.. He was cradling a bottle of Moet & Chandon and wearing a crushed velvet blazer. He looked pissed off, maybe because we were definitely the only people on the train who sorta-kinda recognized him. We got off before him, so not sure of his and the Moet's ultimate destination.

Sunday, 4/10: Malcolm Gladwell on Willow St. in Brooklyn Heights (w/ chummy, cuteish girl)- looks like you'd think he'd look, but a little less spooky, a little cooler/normal in real life; at first I was like "that kinda looks like Malcolm Gladwell"...but with that craaazy hair, who the hell else could it be?

Sunday afternoon, April 10, spotted stylist Philip Bloch walking west on 10th near 5th. A little too thin and tanned and picking food out of a foil wrapper.

Avenue A, Saturday afternoon Saw Chris Carmack (Luke from the O.C.) and stoner Dell Guy walking together with a couple other male friends (maybe other D-list celebrities?). Both dressed like bums. Luke, sporting long blond locks, is smokin hot.

I went to see The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill at the Quad Theater on Friday night, and sat two rows behind Katie Holmes! Surprised to see she of Dawson's Creek fame at such an obscure documentary film. More surprised to see her with a very tall, thin, good-looking guy I didn't recognize. They were very cute throughout the whole movie, stroking eachother, giggling, whispering. He squeezed her leg at an especially moving part. On the way out I got a good look prettier than on film but shorter than I suspected (she was with the tall guy, though.) When she returned from the bathroom, he was waiting for her and she grabbed his butt!

Denis Leary and the cast of "Rescue Me" were filming on my block in Hell's Kitchen on Friday night (4/8). Denis was wearing a leather jacket, and surprisingly, not smoking.

Saw Chris Sarandon from "The Princess Bride" at yesterday's (4/10) matinee of the amazing "Spamalot." He was standing in the aisle during intermission, talking to a woman and totally trying to be noticed. And of course I did notice him. My father and brother had no clue who he was, but both said that he was gesturing and making facial expressions like an actor, whatever that means.

this totally doesn't count, but this morning on the 1/9 i saw demetrise washington, who was in the ny mag look book about a month ago (no, I didn't remember her name— i had to look it up on the web site). Looking @ the look book is my favorite regular gawker feature, by the way. I looked across the aisle and thought, that lady looks a lot like my evil stepmother (which is exactly what i thought when i saw her in the look book, and, no, it's not a compliment). then i saw the disturbing dead animal pelt around the collar of her coat, and it hit me: this is that scary fur hatted "i look french" gal. well, sorry, but i just don't think french ladies wear dirty white baseball caps and tweed heels with plastic jewels on the toes. she also looks worse in person— is she 30 and looks 50? is she 50 and looks 50? who knows? i guess i have this irrational hatred of her. maybe it's the resemblance to the wretched bitch who is so rotten to my dad? [Ed: While normally this wouldn t count, it s just so meta-random that we re running it.]

My friend Danh and I saw Moby the other night, Saturday I think, outside his tea place, Teany. It was very late, around 2:30 am I think and Teany was closed. He was standing with this little girl who looked maybe 6 years old. My friend Danh and I were talking sort of non-stop and kind of loud about Melinda and Melinda, but when we passed by Moby, when we were right adjacent to him, we stopped talking all of sudden. We didn't plan it, it just happened. And we heard Moby say to the little girl, and he whispered this, leaned over and looking level at the little girl's face (and somehow it was really quiet everywhere and we heard him whisper really clearly): "Don't ever say that Teany is Shitty. Don't ever say that." My friend Danh and I both heard it the same. [Ed UPDATE: Unbelievably, this tip was false. Lesson: don't ever trust the Internet, kiddos!]