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· We're linking to the THR story about yesterday's Universal shake-up (yeah, we know, it's old news) instead of Var's because they have a hotter pic of Mary Parent on the front page of their website. [THR]
· Mark Wahlberg is in negotiations to play Eagles-fan-turned-Eagles-player Vince Papale for Disney, in the soon to be renamed Invincible. It's just like Rudy, but with lucrative NFL tie-ins! [Variety]
· Melanie Griffith will get to show off her comedy chops and remaining control of her facial muscles as a member of the cast of a Kohan-Mutchnick comedy pilot for the WB, the tentatively- titled Our Will & Grace Lightning Will Strike Twice, We Promise. [THR]
· Fresh off a winning turn as a tone-deaf, angry Moses here in LA, Val Kilmer signs up for a theatrical version of The Postman Always Rings Twice in London's West End. [Variety]
· The Masters and the NCAA Tournament might help CBS threaten Fox's American Idol-powered hegemony in the key 18-49 demographic. Expect Fox to announce plans to run Idol three times a night from now until the end of the ratings period. [Variety]