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Somehow, despite Fox's carpet-bombing approach to promoting Stacked (we're still baffled about how they slipped they got that Elon Gold toilet paper into our bathroom), we skipped missed Pam Anderson's sitcom premiere last night. Luckily, a smattering of Pam fans were out in quasi-force to offer their well-considered reviews on Anderson's Stacked Friendster blog. The verdict? Something between a hearty LOL and a bladder-threatening OMG. If you're a little suspicious that the critical deck has been, ahem, stacked (oh, how we subvert their rack pun for our own nefarious purpose!) in favor of the show, there's also a voice of objectivity among the gushing emoticons:

You know what Pam, some people may be cynical that all these comments above come from new Friendster users who only have you or a cast memeber of Stacked (Fox 8.30/9.30c) in their profile, but not me! There's far too much cynicism in the world today, and that's the last thing we want on our minds when we're still basking in the glory of Stacked!

We'd hate to be accused of being "cynical," but is there something curious about this poster's inclusion of region-specific air times? You can almost see a trail of Pam-cake crumbs leading back to the sticky fingers of the Fox Viral Marketing Team. Nah...couldn't be. It's probably just a guy who likes to masturbate to primetime TV all on his own.