Since the Times isn't prepared to go all Jayson Blair on Alan Feuer regarding his upcoming book — in which the staff writer reveals that he, you know, basically made shit up in Baghdad — Gawker decided to launch its own Independent Panel Review Investigation Review. (Or, uh, LexisNexis search.)

We first asked Judy Miller to head up our team, but she balked at our suggested title: The Fabulous Judith B. Miller's Fantastical Reporting Report Experience. Al M. Siegal didn't return our phone calls, and former Attorney General Dick Thornburg said he would "only work with Rather." Sy Hersh blew us off too, but we think he's lying. Fine, WE DON'T NEED YOU ANYHOW. 'Cause nobody knows making shit up better than us, right?

We lay out our meta-reportorial findings after the jump.

Part I: LexisNexis

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Part II: An interview and analysis with Alan Feuer.

The Gawkership Integrity Taskforce Committee found a reporter with a track record not quite plagued with errors — by our count, 38 corrections over about 7 years — but one that is very mockable in light of the fact that he wrote a book saying HE BASICALLY MADE SHIT UP while covering the war in Iraq. (Wait, did we mention that? Yeah? Good, we'll continue to mention it forever more.)


1. Feuer reported on Dec. 27th 2004 that: "About 1,300 American servicemen and women have died in Iraq this year, most after President Bush declared an end to major combat operations 19 months ago."

CORRECTION: The Iraq war summary on Monday in the special Year in Pictures section referred imprecisely to the number of American servicemen and women who have died in Iraq. The total, more than 1,300, is from the beginning of the war, in 2003, not just for this year.

Feuer says: In 2003? Shit, that's ABOUT when I got there for three months. Or two weeks. Or whatever the fuck. People were dying? I thought the war was about getting the gold to George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg!

2. CORRECTION, Dec. 10 2003: Because of an editing error, an article in some copies on Sunday about a gathering of people who submitted losing entries for the design of the World Trade Center memorial misspelled the surname of the entrant who also invented the first artificial heart. He is Robert Jarvik, not Jarvick.

Feur says: An editing error, like, you know, sending me to Iraq in the first place. Hah, just kidding! It was probably Landman's fault anyway; he was all mumbling, "Jar-who-gives-a-shit." Like I write in my book: "Landman seemd to grasp that moral honesty, intellectual honesty even journalistic honesty did not at all times and in every sense, require strict adherence to the facts." It's what Jayson told me he told him too.

3. CORRECTION: November 20, 2003: An article on Oct. 23 about plans for a Marriott Courtyard Hotel near the 125th Street Metro-North station in Harlem misspelled the surname of the architect. He is Enrique Norten, not Norton.

Feuer says: Aruban or Arubay, Norten or Norton? Big difference.

Wow! That reporting on reporters stuff is hard work. We would go on, but we're more lazy than Feuer.