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Last night marked the season finale of Arrested Development, and the online Save Our Bluths campaign finally shipped its foam banana balls of desperation last week, so there's nothing left for AD superfans to do but sit at the show's figurative bedside and hope for an act of Congress. And this doesn't necessarily mean that the show's already been canceled, but it can't be a good sign: We've heard that Jason Bateman's officially been put on the casting meat market, where he might wind up in a potentially less critically acclaimed, but more Nielsen-healthy, project. Actors can't just sit around and wait for new Fox overlord Peter Liguori to finally yank out the show's metaphorical feeding tube (feeding tubes: still hot in H'wood), you know. They've got living to do.

On a lighter note, this AP writer obviously hasn't figured out that AD's "scenes from next week" are a gag (and an especially poignant one this time): "Sunday's half-hour ended with scenes from the next episode, the one that would open the fall season. Devotees can only hope the optimism isn't misguided."