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Breaking news from the Australian set of the new Superman movie: Virtually unknown Man of Steel Brandon Routh really fills out those blue tights!

Muscled Routh does not need any fake padding to fill out his skin-tight costume.

The American soap actor was a relative unknown before he landed the part, made famous by Christopher Reeve. But as USA Today says: "The look of Superman literally rests on the broad and buff shoulders of newcomer Routh."

We appreciate the restraint show by all the reporting parties involved—you know they really, really wanted to report on how Routh's package looks in his red Super-Underoos. Also show a surprising level of discretion is director Bryan Singer, who resisted the Joel Schumacher-y impulse to glue erect nipples on the suit and add a bulging codpiece—he's obviously running a somewhat less homoerotically charged set than Schumacher did on Batman & Robin.