Reports from Tacloban suggest that survivors, desperately trying to stay alive in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, have begun raiding and grabbing supplies wherever possible. Amidst reports of wide-spread looting, President Benigno Aquino III is reportedly considering declaring a state of emergency in the city of Tacloban.

The LA Times quotes a Danish survivor who says that residents, desperate to survive, have begun looting anything of value.

“The city is outlaw now — this is why we had to run,” Larsen said. “Everything is being looted. Rotten apples can do now what they want. There is no law enforcement; [it’s] a free-for-all. Nobody feels safe, even the Filipinos. And so many have lost their families... Hotels, everything — cash registers, even McDonalds — everything is looted. Anything that has any value. It’s like a movie.”

Fox News reported that trucks carrying relief supplies were stopped and raided — although the city's infrastructure has been so gutted that officials say the damage has largely hampered those hoping to offer aid.

The AP has an updated list of current relief efforts.

[image via AP]