A man is in a coma this afternoon after ingesting a weed cake with his friends for his birthday. Though it is unclear if the weed cake was purely responsible for his comatose state, or if there were other foul issues afoot, nine of his friends were also taken into care for similar symptoms, an "irregular heartbeat" being one of them. One member of his party was left behind and not treated. He is now colloquially known as Weed King. Bow down.

According to GrassCity.com and the remarkably thorough WeBeHigh.com, weed in Spain is easy to access and decriminalized for individuals. WeBeHigh.com ranks Spain's treatment of marijuana at a 4.5 out of 5 on the scale of "very illegal" to "virtually legal," and Spanish cake has a long history of always being good.

But can you die from weed?

[Image via AP]