Inside The Throne Room: Brian Grazer's Guest Bathroom
In what we hope will come to be a recurring feature, Defamer is proud to present the first installment of Inside the Throne Room, a penetrating look inside the water closets of Hollywood's hottest power players. Our opening offering spotlights what appears to be a guest bathroom from Brian Grazer's Pacific Palisades manse, snapped during the recent book release party for the wife of Imagine partner Ron Howard. Judging from this cameraphone shot (click it for a larger version), yes, it's a little small, but cozy enough in its muted tones that we can picture quixotic superproducer Grazer occasionally seeking refuge there from the opulence of his master bathroom; perhaps it's even the place where he gets the kind of thinking done that results in Russell Crowe having "real" imaginary friends in A Beautiful Mind, an inspired filmic shorthand that frustrated schizophrenia sufferers but carried the pic to multiple Oscar wins.

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