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[Ed.note—We're bumping this post up and dragging it into today's news, for we truly hate it when CrazyTalk is lost during the afternoon commute. Also, has the NY Post heard some CrazyTalk as well?]

We know it's a little late in the day* for any Defamer CrazyTalk™, and we're totally riffing here, but wouldn't it be five flavors of awesome if Pat O'Brien, ruddy-faced and clean as a whiskey-free whistle after a month of rehab, was getting ready to shoot a primetime special with Dr. Phil that would air next week during sweeps, and would precede a triumphant, sweepstastic comeback to The Insider? Yes, that would be awesome, but that's just CrazyTalk™—you know, like all that stuff about how O'Brien headed to rehab at precisely the same time those sexy phonecalls hit the internet. Please, don't listen to us, we've been hitting the Vicodin for a good hour now, and who knows what we'll say next. Hey, is that a squirrel with a unicorn horn? We gotta go catch that little guy and see if he wants a cocktail!

[*Originally posted around 5:30 pm 4/25, just so you don't think we've totally lost our minds to the Vic and can no longer differentiate between morning and early evening.]