We asked for your help with yesterday's blind items (Teamwork! Ropes course! Circle of trust!) and you answered the call. Hells yeah. Your attorney-taunting responses below. —NH

Which African-American star likes to party with pre-op transsexuals in his hotel room while visiting our fair city?

You sez:
—Eddie Murphy (Mr. "I was just giving the tranny a RIDE!")
—Has to be Blade - Wesley Snipes... Eddie murphy is
way too obvious.

Which masseur would like his married-but-everyone-knows-he's-gay movie star client to quit hitting on him during massages?

You sez:
—John Travolta... or as I like to call him, John sucks-a-big-cock
—I know a masseur that told me Tony Danza would hit on him during massages.
—Brendan Fraser

Which journalist-turned-Ivy League lecturer is causing a stir among fellow faculty members by openly hitting on his attractive female students? Some of the co-eds are eager to perform for top grades.

You sez:
—Definitely Elvis Mitchell (he teaches a film class here at Harvard, and I know undergrads who he has dated here...)
—David Gergen. Hey, he was an adviser to Bill Clinton!
—george stephanopolous as the handsy professor?

Which married diva didn't want to get married on her wedding day? She sobbed to her mother, "I don't love him I can't do it!" Unsympathetic mom opened her purse and snapped, "Here's a Percocet, now get down that aisle!" The couple is still married.

You sez:
—Catherine Zeta-Jones (Did this marriage help me win the Oscar??)
—I'd love it if it was Jessica Simpson but only because I love to hate her parents.
—Defintiely [sic] Miss Lopez.
—Celine Dion? Who could be attracted to that old fat

Which fashion house's publicity department is rejoicing over the departure of its leader? This p.r. head took credit for others' accomplishments, much to the dismay of everyone else.

You sez:
—Who just left Dolce & Gabbana? I know that the PR job was just vacated there and is now open
—Everyone Knows it's Ralph Lauren's just exited PR afficinado (spelling??)... but who cares?