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A reader offers a very, er, specific preview of the upcoming Adam Sandler remake of The Longest Yard, admirably tossing out the useless parts and getting straight to the stuff we all want to hear about:

Saw a screening of the new Adam Sandler movie The Longest Yard. Courteney Cox is in the beginning and more then a couple people gasped at the size of her breasts when she was on screen. Wonder if that will make it to final cut once it's released. Coco must be having a gay 'ole time sucking on those babies.

Unsettling breastfeeding images aside, if Yard opens strongly on the power of this gasp-inducing mammary display, we may see a rash of hastily tacked-on scenes featuring this kind of celebrity-rack stuntcasting all summer long. Studio marketing departments, the gauntlet is thrown: How are you going to squeeze Pamela Anderson's breasts into the opening sequence of Batman Begins?