We re not going to dispute the fact that most men are in need of sartorial assistance. That s always been the case. Remember the Pilgrims and those weird oversized blouse collars they wore? They looked like they were putting on bibs before hitting Red Lobster. However, we re skeptical about Conde Nast's forthcoming Men's Vogue. From Women's Wear Daily (notice how there's no Men's Wear Daily?):

Now that Domino is up and kicking, talk within Cond Nast is centering on the company s likely next big launch Men s Vogue and it s a subject that doesn t exactly thrill several Cond Nast sales executives, sources said. That s because, in terms of both readers and ad dollars, Men s Vogue is seen as a possible threat to not only GQ, but also to Vanity Fair.

A threat? Seriously, who s going to read Men's Vogue? The mos and metrosexuals (who are really just mos in denial). That s 10% of the population. Now let s consider the fact that Man Vogue is billing itself as more yupscale than the general interest mag, GQ. So now we re talking about gays that make over $300,000 a year? That s a pretty small demographic. Last time we checked, hairdressing and go-go boying didn t pay that well, and Ricky Martin and Anderson Cooper do not a readership make. Just sayin'. —NH

Memo Pad: Men's Vogue Has Momentum [WWD]