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American Idol's producers are getting serious about the allegations that perpetually opinion-free host Paula Abdul engaged in an inappropriate game of "hide the microphone" with a former contestant, i.e., they're "looking into" it:

The move comes in the wake of published reports that "Idol" semifinalist Corey Clark has a book proposal claiming that Abdul offered financial support for his career and pressured him to keep their alleged romance secret.

A source close to the show, which is produced by Fremantle Media and 19 Entertainment, says Abdul denied Clark's claims when "Idol" producers initially asked about them.

See how easy these "looking into it" situations are? The producers "asked," Abdul "denied." Case closed. Let's move on with our lives. If your imagination is still overrun with images of Abdul sitting in a dimly-lit Van Nuys warehouse as a "producer" in black leather gloves shines a harsh light in her face and threatens to buy up all the Vicodin in town if she doesn't "play ball," well, that's your own problem, mister.