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Freeze Dried Movies has an early review of Sony's Bewitched based on a test screening, precisely the kind of thing that gives studio execs screaming hemorrhoids as they anticipate bad buzz spreading from an unfinished movie:

I appreciate the fact that this film tries a new spin on the remake formula, but I found this force majeure pretty hard to swallow. The premise is weird and self-aware, while the rest of the movie is formulaic romantic comedy. Characters from the original “Bewitched” make cameo appearances, which makes no sense because in the world of the movie, the old TV show is fictional. Frankly, the story would have been more satisfying and believable if they had just stuck to a conventional remake. That is, unless they hired Charlie Kaufman to write the script, which is clearly not the case. The concept feels contrived, and it spoiled my fun. It’s like telling the punch line before the joke. It may still be funny, but it’s just not the same.

Sure, all of the effects and music aren't done, and there are probably last-minute cuts to be made, but these sound like the kinds of problems that pile up after the studio hires fifteen uncredited screenwriters to gangbang a script to the point where one can comfortably drive a truck through its asshole. Eh, they'll stich up the abused orifice in editing in time for summer, right?