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What's the biggest mistake people make with online dating?
Probably the same they make with regular dating not being cool. —Lindsay, lindsayism
What's the best way to get a blogger to go home with you?
Tempt them with some advertising. Seriously. —"Perez Hilton," Page SixSixSix
What's the best way to get a blogger to go home with you?
Compliment their length of post. —Trent, Pink is the New Blog
What's hotter: snarkiness or detached irony?
[Laughs] Let's say detached irony, because if I hear the word "snarky" one more time I'm gonna like slit my wrists and spray my blood all over Manhattan. I cannot stand that word! —Jessica, Gawker
What are the rules on kissing someone after giving them head?
Yes. I think you should kiss them after you give them head, and they shouldn't have a problem with you kissing them after giving them head.
What about after licking someone's ass?
Sure. [Laughs]. If you're interested enough to get in that position, what's a kiss after it? —Jonno, Fleshbot
The last time I was at my friend's apartment I went looking for a sweatshirt to borrow and found pictures of me intermingled with porn magazines in his drawer. What should I do now?In high school, I totally was that guy. I'd suggest this person run very fast. —Chris, Lemon-Red
If I have to read any more sex tips from bloggers, I'm gonna slit my wrists.—MG
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