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WWD's "Memo Pad" really cooks this morning with the tale of the napkin thief at Conde Nast.

Last week, several cafeteria-goers at 4 Times Square noticed something unusual at the condiment counter. Instead of the high-quality, heavy paper dinner napkins usually stacked neatly near the registers, there were black metal dispensers, filled with what appeared to be cheap paper napkins "one might find at a deli."

Sad to say, schadenfreude fans, it's not another case of Daily News-style downsizing. No, turns out CNP was struck by a bad case of conscience, and the second-rate napkins were an Earth Day special. And when the Conde snots turned their pert fixed noses up at wiping their plumped-up lips with the distinctly deuxieme paper products, they remained on offer a second day. Threatened with a staff revolts (stilletos drawn in the elevators; Manolos marching in Times Square), the do-gooders in charge finally backed down, the couture napkins reappeared, and the company's bulemics could once again wipe up their yucky upchucks with the finest 400-thread-count nappies. —MG
Memo Pad: The Napkin Thief [WWD]