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In today's WWD, media machers Sara James and Jeff Bercovici poll 103 people in the industry to judge 11 events from the last 16 months because, they say, "Round numbers are so overrated."

Worst Launch: The resurrected Life magazine was downright upsetting. Votes also flooded in for new or newly reconfigured sections of The New York Times, like T: The New York Times Style Magazine and Thursday Styles, or, as some people like to call them, blatant ad receptacles.
Best Catfight: It was Nikki Finke s rant against Graydon Carter during Oscar season that received the most votes. Turn in your copy on time, Nikki, and we ll take you more seriously, one voter said inexplicably.
Best Pile-On: Star Jones flagrant publicity efforts before, during, after, between, around and on top of her wedding to Al Reynolds

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Best Editor's Letter: One voter cited Anna Wintour s recent call to the fashion industry in her shape issue, no less to lead the charge in fighting obesity. As for Jane Pratt s stream-of-consciousness musings on her editor s page, one voter said: If you were trapped in an elevator with her and she rambled on like this, you d want to shove a shoe in her mouth. But hey, confined to a few hundred words, it s car-wreck-a-riffic. Worst Book by a Media Person: It was an even split. Paula Froelich s "It! 9 Secrets of the Rich and Famous That ll Take You To the Top," an extended blurb of a book that was immediately eclipsed by its own promotional orgy, elicited an all-around ugh. If that book becomes a bestseller, I m quitting the business, said one editor. Froelich s book shares the (dis)honor with The Abs Diet, the bestseller by Men s Health editor in chief David Zinczenko. As one voter surmised, Do sit-ups. Eat less. Cash check. Worst Comeback: Lizzie Grubman. With the launch of PoweR Girls, said one voter, she singlehandedly proved that peroxide causes brain damage. Worst Lifestyle Porn: While Quest and Avenue provoked the response, What s hot about colostomy bags? and New York magazine was out of favor with some for not admitting it s about the rich, anything spawned by Jason Binn got the most votes, specifically, Hamptons magazine and Gotham. Best Low-Brow Read:

Best Shameless Self-Promotion? Getting WWD to unlock the page. —MG The Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly [WWD]