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Brian Sack's Banterist just found $7,497.75 Woody Allen left lying around and there's more where that came from. P. Diddy Daddy Diva also forgot about a stash of cash. And Marlon Brando's illegitimate children are probably already fighting over his stray $47,007.94. —MG

Every year, millions of dollars in assets remain unclaimed because the rightful owner could not be located - usually because they moved to a new address or died while doing drugs at the Viper Room. Unable to distribute these funds, but required by law to hold on to them, companies simply keep cash and stock sitting in accounts in the event their owner ever comes calling. While searching an asset-tracing database for some long-lost cash of my own, I wondered who else might have a little missing money somewhere. The answer? Apparently everyone.

Unclaimed Finances of the Rich and Famous [banterist]