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Well thanks for letting me interrupt your work day, all you gossip monkeys, mediacrities, and members of the great unwashed. I appreciate the hits and the links and tips, too, and once you get used to it, the hate mail is actually pretty funny. Thanks to all you odd folks who wrote in, too—even you, Spiegelman. I'm really sorry it was a slow news week, no popes died, no editors left the Daily News, no one plagiarized at the Times, radaronline didn't launch just like editor Maer Roshan promised it wouldn't, but at least there were no more sales at 740 Park, so you only had to put up with one, er, two, superfluous and gratuitous plugs for my next book. It's nice to spend a week without bathing...shaving...eating....human interaction... Let's do it again sometime. —MG