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With Andy Dick allegedly getting a time-out for Coachella, the festival was going to need another larger-than-life personality to keep things around the Indio concert grounds at an acceptable level of "going fucking crazy." Luckily, one fucking-crazy-making man was up to the challenge, even if he was sober after a well-publicized drying-out stint. Says a reader, "Pat O'Brien was at Coachella, seemingly a day out of rehab. He came over and talked to me and my friends about how 'fucking pissed' he was that he missed the Stereophonics. He even posed for a pic with me."

It's a shame that O'Brien's already shot his primetime special with Dr. Phil, who now won't have the opportunity to punch O'Brien in the mouth and question the wisdom of a recovering addict hanging out in the desert with 50,000 opportunities to fall off the wagon.