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Upon seeing this terrifying advertisement, several Daily News staffers clutched their chests and fell to the ground, writhing about in cardiac horror.
The jackanapes at the Post have decided to bring a specialized marketing campaign to their rival's offices on West 33rd, placing the above poster in direct view of the Daily News' windows. Not visible to oncoming traffic or from an avenue, it would seem that this charming poster is intended solely for the eyes of Daily News employees.

Because our camera sucks, we'd like to identify the image's finer points: Fox logos on the helicopters, cartoons of what one might assume are editorial director and deputy publisher Martin Dunn (in a dunce cap) and editor-in-chief Michael Cooke fleeing the "Murdoch Monster," and precious scare quotes that read "It's coming!" and "Dust off your resumés!"

Subtle like explosive diarrhea.

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