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Both Page Six and Rush & Molloy report that Paula Abdul suffered something of a freak out over her planned image-rehabilitation sketch during SNL's Weekend Update on Saturday; crying was involved, and, we imagine, some agitated hand movements as a paper bag was held in front of her face while someone looked for her "relaxation Mentos." Alas, it seems the "magic candy" was never found, and Abdul sat out most of the sketch, forcing Amy Poehler to take over Abdul's role, and the American Idol judge was ultimately unsuccessful at self-consciously lampooning her scandal. Better luck next time—we noticed the way she used to lick her lips every time Scott "The Big, Scary, Talentless Baby" Savol dipped out of key (think of the coaching she could do!), so we bet she'll get another crack at redemption. Horatio Sanz is already preparing his impersonation.