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While we tend to focus our love and attention on extremely publicized young novelist Jonathan Safran Foer, we also realize that by doing so, we cause great injustice to his wife, poet Nicole Krauss. We apologize for this oversight and, to make it up to you all, we'd like to direct your ears to Ms. Krauss' reading of a few old poems over at The Paris Review. The venerable Old Hag sums up the recording quite nicely:

Okay, I m listening to the poems now. PLEASE PLEASE MAKE IT STOP. Maud, please go listen. If you can confirm that the book is the exact opposite of the poems both in content and in the way the author insists on reading them aloud as is she has been yoked with five other slaves on the dusty road to Ur I will read the History of Love. Because I object. I object, Paris Review! I object!

We've listened. Suffice it to say, we've a newfound respect for Mr. Foer.

Nicole Krauss [Paris Review via Tingle Alley via Maud Newton]