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The NYT gets around to offering their ten percent about William Morris' retaliation against Page Six: hurtful rumors, Scary Hollywood Lawyer Bert Fields, strongly-worded letters, the New Yorker profile of "unorthodox" WMA president Dave Wirtschafter, Sarah Michelle Gellar, etc etc. But the Times' Sharon Waxman does manage to extract some off the record denials from the suspected "amoral snakes" at rival agencies who may have been responsible for leaking some of the WMA items, then this wonderful money shot:

Asked why he and other agents have left William Morris in recent months, a Paradigm agent, Robert Stein, replied with classic Hollywood directness. "I think they're a fantastic company," he said. "I think Jim and Dave are great. I wish them a lot of luck."

Some translation is in order: "Since they've hired a big-shot lawyer who'll take my house if I say anything inflammatory, I can't quip that I'd like to fuck Jim and Dave in the ear and burn down their building."