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After naively believing a camera prohibition at a Star Wars preview screening, BoingBoing blogging eminence Xeni Jardin dutifully reproduced some of the move's most mind-blowing scenes via "napkincam," while others flouted the rules and snapped away with verboten phonecams. In defense of our pal Xeni, a LucasFilm rep did get up and practically threaten to destroy her home planet of Alderaan if she unleashed her Treo:

Lucasfilms guy: Bla bla proud bla Star Wars bla bla PIRACY. "Many of you have paid a lot of money to be here but your ticket price does not include an illegal copy of the movie with a video camera or your cellphone." Note to self: find out which US carrier sells cellphones so sophisticated, they can shoot cinema-quality video inside a dark movie theater. Lucasfilms guy: "We have monitors everywhere inside the theater tonight, looking for prohibited recording devices, and when I say we have monitors everywhere, I want you to remember, we are the people who invented the Evil Empire." Dude. Way to kill the love.

OK, now we're going to cut to the real reason we're posting about this: Did anyone else see George Lucas on The OC last night? What's up with that gigantic neck-wattle that keeps his enormous head afloat? We had to stop watching in the middle of his big scene, terrified that he was going to stuff Seth Cohen into his maw in a chilling recreation of that scene from Jedi where Jabba the Hutt gobbles that little insect-creature. Gah, we hope Seth escaped undigested and made it to the prom!