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BoingBoing correspondent from the future/Star Wars napkinblogger Xeni Jardin takes a complaint from a guy who shelled out $500 for a preview screening of Revenge of the Sith and received perhaps the worst gift bag in the history of the promotion of filmed entertainment:

The gift bag was the most insulting part of the evening. A gift bag that was described in a press release as containing "Star Wars merchandise and other special gifts" only contained the following:
1. A bag from reebok to hold the gifts
2. A light up lightsaber spoon that is found in Kellogs Cereal boxes
3. A Burger King Star Wars kid's toy
4. A single package of Star Wars fruit snacks
5. A small bag of Starbucks Coffee
6. A small tin of Starbucks mints
7. A coupon for a free whopper at Burger King
8. A discount card for 20% off at Kenneth Cole
9. A cd from an undiscovered singer
10. A bottle of marinara Sauce
11. A lipstick
12. A box of tea

Not included, but promised to attendees: A coupon enabling the bearer to one minute of grabbing George Lucas by the neck wattle and shaking the sagging flesh like a shar-pei getting out of a bubble bath. The kids really would've loved that one.