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For those of you who remember the glory days of Opie and Anthony before they were banished to XM satellite radio, you'll surely be delighted by the latest stunt from local shock jocks*, in which they managed to get local CBS 2 reporter Arthur Arthur Chi'en to shout, "What the fuck is your problem?" at a meddler during his live shot. The guttersnipe, of course, was an intern from the radio show, who happened to be holding a "O&A XM" sign. The footage is available here for your gigglish enjoyment.

Honestly, we would've reacted the same way. But we talk like sailors and don't get fired when we curse, which is what happened to Chi'en (read: Reason #427 why TV news blows). God forbid a New York newsman react to something like an actual New Yorker.

*That's the first time I've used the phrase "shock jock" since approximately 1998.
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