If the Times wants you to pay for content, the least we here at Gawker can do is persuade you it's not worth it.

Today, for example, we have Nicholas Kristof and new guy John Tierney. Timothy Noah's recent poll of Slate readers showed that even boring people are bored by these two. Kristof finished a disappointing fifth in the rankings of columnist worth, while Tierney was dead last — even behind David Brooks.

Taking a look at their work this morning shows that even people who write in to Slate are part right some of the time. I think Abraham Lincoln said that.

Kristof just spends his column trolling Chinese message boards trying to get banned. This is the state of stunt journalism now? It's the political equivalent of going on Fark, calling the regulars fags, and waiting to get banned by the moderators. Aren't there any sex slaves to free or something, Nick?

Tierney demonstrates the wit and insight that netted him the job of replacing a pedantic Nixon apologist. Today's column is about how women are simple-minded, gentle creatures, generally happy with their lot in life. To force upon them high-paying jobs would be against their nature! Hey, Maureen Dowd's on vacation — anything goes! -AP

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