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Was Tom Cruise's appearance on Oprah yesterday really that strange? It was like any other hour spent with someone hell-bent on physically expressing their "love": there is sweating, uncontrollable yelping, wrestling, the liberal abuse of furniture, the twisting of bodies into extremely uncomfortable positions, more wrestling, and moments of seeming forced imprisonment. After it's all over, you can't look each other in the eye and there's an overwhelming urge to collapse in the bottom of a shower in the fetal position, gently rocking yourself into blissful catatonia as icy water washes the whole thing away. See? It's like any other Monday afternoon.

Anyway, here's a quick round-up of the early headlines trying to make sense of yesterday's shenanigans:

Sure, they're in love — with publicity [Boston Globe]


Tom can't keep his cool [Winnipeg Sun]

Tom loses Cruise control over Holmes on 'Oprah' [NY Daily News]


Tom and Katie real []

Wary fans doubt romance reports [Calcutta Telegraph]