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When we first read in today's Rush & Molloy column that US Weekly reports in its new issue that Disney's paid a million bucks to make Lindsay Lohan's then-jiggletastic rack more family-friendly in Herbie: Fully Loaded through the magic of digital alteration, we thought that maybe someone had taken our Herbie previewer's joke about the necessity of downsizing and ran with it. But after comparing (click the above picture to see two side-by-side treatments) some stills of old shots from the Herbie set left laying around the internets and the new, official ones on Disney's movie site, the case can be made that the starlet has been digitally debazoomed. Were our spy's feelings on Lohan's chest indicative of other test screenings, prompting Disney to childproof her rack? We don't have time to find out, we're on our way to Church to see if our priest has any insight about where our life went so horribly awry.