For those wondering what the hell Mr. Slater was doing on 93rd and 3rd at the time of his arrest, a few of you wrote in with an explanation:

He drinks almost every night at Brother Jimmy's on - you guessed it - 93rd and 3rd (according to my friend who is a bartender there). You clearly saw the report on his asking someone for a Cialis in the bathroom. He apparently lives close by. He was almost certainly coming from there.

Another sighting earlier in the night leads to an intriguing possibility — perhaps Christian Slater himself is the victim of sexual assault — see the shocking evidence, after the jump:

Around 7:45 on Monday night, I spotted him outside Marty O Brien s (2nd and 87th) smoking a cigarette. Already pretty drunk. After a minute, some 20-something, short, curly-haired blonde chick came over and jumped on his back. They went around the corner so Slater could finish his cigarette and talk on his cell phone, while the blonde proceeded to cling to him like a life boat. After a few minutes, they crossed the street toward Elaine s, but I don t think they went in.

Here are two of Mr. Slater's confirmed locations on the night of his tragic misunderstanding. We will continue to solicit additional information. -AP

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