Ever heard those theories about how smokers thrive in the workplace because they get in so much networking on their little smoke breaks? Sure, fine. Great for smokers. Now let's snitch about how much smokers cost their employers.

Oh, hey boss, how ya doing? Great, great, great. Great to see you. Whoops, I seem to have dropped the following new study data via the New York Times right onto your lap! Clumsy me.

A smoker costs a private employer in the United States an extra $5,816 per year compared with a nonsmoker, according to an analysis of data collected from earlier studies on the costs of smoking.

Gosh darn, boss, are you trying to tell me that all those smoke breaks and poor health and bad productivity of certain people I could name, like, Karl, Greg, and Angelo, add up to a whopping almost six grand each per annum, right out of your pocket? I wouldn't believe it if you hadn't told me yourself, boss, they always seemed like good guys to me. Welp I guess if you have to fire them all out of sheer fiscal responsibility then someone has to be promoted. Hm.


[NYT. Photo: Flickr]