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A tipster on the Paramount lot writes in to tell us that Mission: Impossible 3 seems somewhat less ripe for cancellation than the recent item on the Huffington Post indicated:

5:38 PM [last night] Paramount Lot, Stage 5... Who is flying around the studio on a golf cart? That's right, Mr. Tom Cruise, fresh from sucking on Katie's toes no doubt. Behind the wheel and grinning like a madman, Cruise is well...cruising around the Paramount lot on said golf cart on a tour of the tour of the possibly canceled (according to Andrew and Arianna's blowhard HuffPo article) M:I3 stages, which are currently being set up in the old Star Trek soundstages, wreaking havoc on single women all over the lot flashing the pearly whites and sporting a ring... There are offices set up and soundstages being prepped with vans labeled "MI-3" all over them.

The tipster assured us that he/she isn't an employee of Cruise/Wagner Productions, but that bit about Cruise "wreaking havoc on single women" (if it's not sarcastic) makes it sound like a C/W laser might be pointed at a sensitive part of the anatomy.