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Predictably, Dave Chappelle's mysterious disappearance from his Chappelle Show duties for some highly-publicized "chill-out time" in South Africa has led to huge DVD sales for said indefinitely delayed hit show:

Underscoring the growing clout of the TV-DVD category, "Chappelle's Show: Season 2 Uncensored" chalked up first-day sales of nearly 500,000 copies, setting a new TV-DVD sales record, according to Paramount Home Entertainment.

Within a week of its May 24 release, sales of the hefty three-disc, $37 package topped 1.2 million units, Paramount said [...]

That's 200,000 units more than the sales tally in early May, when Comedy Central announced Season 3 of Dave Chappelle's highly rated sketch comedy show would be postponed indefinitely...

The cynic in us automatically goes into full-bore, tinfoil helmet mode, wondering if Paramount somehow induced the star to flee the country by messengering bean-bag-chair-sized bags of weed to Chappelle's house and secretly piping in the ghostly voice of idol Rick James urging the comic to "Flee to South Africa, bitch, they all want your MONEY!" And if they didn't do it the first time, Chappelle will now know to ignore paranoid ghosts bearing kind bud, especially if the apparition pulls up in a van plastered with ads for the Season 2 DVD.