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Hey, America! Your Onetime Reality TV Sweetheart, Trista the Bachelorette, has traded in her rose for a pair of dancing shoes. And she needs YOUR help to game the voting system and to make sure she keeps getting quality hits from the fame crackpipe. She's helpfully circulating an e-mail telling people how they can lend a hand:

Hey everybody...hope you are enjoying the Memorial Day weekend! I'm not sure if you've heard or not, but I will be competing in a new show on ABC called "Dancing with the Stars"...(yes, my hair is now brown! :) ) It's a live show where there are 6 celebs paired with pro ballroom dancers (I know...another crazy show!) and I am one of the "celebs". Every week, we will be eliminated or asked to continue onto the next week to do new dances, based on the votes of 4 judges as well as America...that's where you come in.

I know that everyone's lives are busy these days, but I'm writing this to ask for your help because I would love to be able to continue on in the show for as long as possible so that I can perform what I've been rehearsing over the last month. It's been a lot of fun (and has finally gotten me to work out again!), but the longer I'm in, the more fun I'll have, and the more proud my partner will be, which I'm really hoping to accomplish. :)

I honestly am not sure when it will be airing in all of the time zones, but I do know that we will be filming it from 6-7 pm pst on Wednesdays, and it's supposed to be Live. They will flash the number to call or where to write online to vote for me a few times during the show. If you can vote via phone, the voting will be open for one hour after the show has ended (in your time zone). They will allow 5 phone calls from each phone line, so if you have more than one and have the time, anything will help! If you are more comfortable or have easier access to a computer and would like to vote online, you will be able to do so on the show's website after the broadcasts on Wednesday nights through the following Tuesday night at midnight (just before the next show is scheduled to air). However, you will only be allowed to vote once per email address in that time frame. If you have more than one address and can make your vote online in those 6 days, I would LOVE it if you could. Bottomline, I'd love to stay in the competition as long as possible because it has really been a fun experience and has gotten me back into my dancing shoes (although the ones I have to wear for this show are SUPER uncomfortable!). I'm hoping that with this email, I'll be able to secure a good number of votes to get as close to the end as possible. If you could forward it on to your friends, please do!! The more votes, the better!

Thanks and wish me luck!
:) Trista

ps...if you do forward it, could you possibly remove my address from the forward, just for privacy reasons? Thanks!

Step to it, people! If you don't start clapping, our little Tinkerbell's going to fall out of the sky and right into a part-time gig slinging martinis at The Standard!