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The Washington Post finally discovers the magic that is New York's most beloved, inexplicable socialite, "sweetheart" Fabian Basabe (waxwork likeness featured at right). Despite the fact that he may secretly be middle class, Basabe lives a luxurious life of sleeping, socializing, and doing damage control:

In a typical day, he rises at 11 a.m. or so, reads some e-mails, sets up dinner and a series of outings for the night. Often he's calling reporters to set the record straight about something he's read about himself. There's been a fair number of wink-wink items about Basabe's sexuality, mostly in blogs like and, which rarely let a week pass without alleging that Basabe is gay and everybody knows it.

"I would never respond," he says of those rumors.

And why should he? Fabian needn't acknowledge our gossipy poppycock, certainly not when his Domincan wife, La Perla heiress Martina Borgomanero, says enough for the two of them:

"He is the only man on the planet I have ever met who absolutely, truly has not one issue. I am a girl and live with being worried and you go to him with a problem and say, 'Oh my God, my life is over,' he fix it. Phone calls, whatever it takes. He fix it. To him, there is nothing that can't be solved. It's an amazing quality."

And if Fabian, say, had one big issue, he definitely fix it with the boys at the Washington Post before Martina figure it out.

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