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Last night, a tipster wrote:

Hilary Duff and [Joel] Madden arrive at Newark Airport. Have no clue why but [Joel] and security guy go balistic on paparazzi photog and videographer. Smashed cameras. Hilary not in view while going on. Police report being filled out as we speak. [Joel] talking to cops. There are photos and vid taken. What do they have to promote to explain for such public violence?

Oh, that's easy: Duff's new movie, The Perfect Man, opens next Friday. And everyone knows that if you truly love your celebrity sweetheart, you'll help out with every ostentatious step of her promotional duties.

Update: Our friends at WireImage say that the pair were definitely in Los Angeles last night, but we do know that at least the Duffster is back in NYC as of this morning. So, you know, gossipgossipblahblahblah.